Monday, January 25, 2016

January 23 Tornado Clean Up Day

It was a brisk January morning as 345 Lutherans descended on Tree of Life Lutheran Church in Garland, Texas. They were there to help residents of Garland, Rowlett, and Sunnyvale as they cleaned up from the EF 4 tornado that struck the area one day after Christmas.

A group of about 100 volunteers headed out to help clean up an RV Park near the Church.Debris was scattered all over the place.LERT Certified Chain Saw crews cut and stacked wood from downed trees while other workers cleaned debris from pulverized RVs and stacked it near the road.

Other crews went out into the neighborhoods to assist residents with the cleanup. Some aided residents in moving unsalvageable belongings from their house and stacking them on the curb. Others sort piles of debris for homeowners so that the city would pick it up. Chain Saw teams helped homeowners cut up downed trees and tree limbs and stacked them at the curb.
Two Large teams also tor down badly damaged houses and removed the debris from he slab.

The Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs joined other workers in walking the neighborhoods giving out recovery binders and gift cards to people in need. A team of Girlscouts aided in putting together gift card packets, which included a devotional book and information on Tree of Life and assembling recovery notebooks, that contained information on grants, and a place to store important paperwork partaining to the storm.
The Holy Cow Smokers provided 1800 Lunches and 400 dinners for  residents and all the volunteers working in the area.

In addition to coordinating the work day, The Disaster Care Ministry at Beautiful Savior in Arlington provided $5000of disaster buckets and $1000 worth of tools and supplies. 

Upbring Donated $1000 worth of gift cards to be distributed, Both Upbring and the Texas District of the LCMS donated $500 in funds for supplies and tools. 

21 churches participated in the work day. It was a great clean up day. All our work orders were completed.Tree of Life was a fantastic Host for the event

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